Yekaterinburg is preparing to meet the Congress

On July 31, the Ministry of social policy of the Sverdlovsk region hosted a meeting of the groups that participate in the preparation to the Congress. The meeting was led by the chair of the project office, the consul of the Minister of social policy of the Sverdlovsk region Alexei Nikiforov.


The participants discussed issues of transportation, guided tours, accommodation, meals, synchronous interpretation for delegates with disabilities.

First groups will be arriving to Yekaterinburg on September 2. Trained volunteers will meet them at the airport, accompany them to their buses or special vehicles adapted for wheelchair users and equipped with earphones.

43 workshops are scheduled to take place in the framework of the Congress. These include musical, dance, crafts and singing workshops. The Palace of Sports, Eltsin-center, the Regional Rehabilitation center, the Yekaterinburg history museum and the Museum of nature, among other venues, will host the workshops. As Alexei Nikiforov commented, “The city has set a high standard and we have to perform well”.


There are open events in the program of the Congress. Anyone can attend those free of charge. The program of these events will be posted on the Congress’s website shortly.