Talent without borders

German delegation is the biggest at the Congress: 206 German nationals will come to Russia, for most of them it will be their first visit. Among the participants there are documentary director Manfred Michl, inclusive jazz orchestra “Groove inclusion”, Bavarian artists and other creative people who could join the Congress with the support of the Consulate General of Germany.

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In Yekaterinburg, Manfred Michl shot a film with youth from the Solnechnye Deti organization. This project aims to include children with Down syndrome in the process of film production, starting from developing the idea, through writing the scenario, composing music and working on stenography, to shooting. In this project, children are free to express themselves. The premier screening will take place in the Salut cinema on September 8 and 9 at 12.00pm. This project is supported by the Kulturnyi Tranzit Foundation.

At the Opening Ceremony, panel discussions and Inclusive City everyone may enjoy the performance of the jazz orchestra from Germany “Groove inclusion”. It’s collective, made of 26 people with and without disabilities, is coming to the Urals from Ort Niederremstal

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Additionally, thanks to the invitation of the Consulate General of Germany, two Bavarian artists with disabilities are coming to participate in the Congress. They are coming from Stadt Neuendetelsau, not far from Nuremberg. They will present their works and lead a series of workshops. There, the audience will experiment with form and color, and create something from clay and paper-maché.


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