The First World Congress for persons with disabilities was presented in Sweden (Stockholm) and Finland (Oulu)

On June 16 the members of the International humanitarian mission “Sails of the Spirit” held three meetings with representatives of Stockholm-based socially-engaged organizations.

Already in the evening of June 20, the inclusive crew of the Sails of the Spirit project arrived to a Finnish city Oulu, onboard of the ocean catamaran KANI-KELI. There, the crew organized and participated in a series of humanitarian events that opened with a round table “Inclusion as culture”. The Oulu city administration and the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom supported the event. Jenni Pitko, the deputy-head of the city administration, hosted the round table. Among the participants of the event there were representatives of local socially-engaged organizations, social workers, associations of people with disabilities, representatives of local yachtsmen communities. The participants discussed different development strategies of inclusive practices and innovative projects, inclusion in arts and creation, the role of people with disabilities in making up inclusive communities. As a result, it was resolved to organize an inclusive sailing race and other events in Oulu in 2018. The representatives of the city administration expressed interest in and support of this initiative.

The expedition members invited everybody in attendance at the events in Sweden and Finland to join the First World Congress for persons with disabilities, that will take place on September 7-10 2017 in Yekaterinburg, Russia.



The “Sails of the Spirit” projects includes sailing expeditions and races that are designed to cultivate and promote a positive interaction model among people with disabilities and other society members. Sighted and blind travelers from all around the world take active part in the project.


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The itinerary of the 14th stage of the Sails of the Spirit project is the following: Stockholm – Finland – Estonia – Latvia – Lithuania – Russia (Kaliningrad), which covers 2000 nautical miles and is taking place between June 15 and July 16 2017.