Ural citizens represented Yekaterinburg at the “Territory of ideas”

On July 21-27, members of socially-engaged organizations Evgueniy Vedernikov and Elena Yermakova (WHITE CANE NGO), Oleg Fedchuk (Blagoe Delo NGO) participated in the All-Russia Educational Forum for Youth “Territoriya smyslov na Klyazme” (trans., the Territory of ideas on Klyazma). More than 1000 staff members of nongovermental organizations and volunteer associations from different regions of the Russia Federation participated in the event.

Territoriya Smyslov gathered passionate youth, ready to change the world around themselves. Representatives of volunteer and socially-engaged organizations shared their experience and applied knowledge.

Participants discussed inclusive volunteering, equal positioning of volunteers and people with disabilities, and, of course, the First World Congress for persons with disabilities.


The forum hosted several professional discussions that featured such invited speakers as Tatyana Moskalkova (Human Rights commissioner in the Russian Federation), Anna Kuznetsova (Children Rights commissioner), Seguey Kirienko (deputy chairman of the President’s Administration), Agency of Strategic Initiatives and Elena Topoleva-Soldunova (director of the Agency of social information).


The educational program was packed with lectures on pressing topics: Problems and solutions for NGOs, Economics for NGO: crowdfunding technologies, Volunteers, NGOs and business: how to stop asking and become real partners.

“We shared our experience, took new ideas and partners from the forum. These people supported our ideas and invited us to Khabarovsk, Moscow, Belgorod, Izhevsk, Tomsk, Orekhovo-Zuevo to organize Multimobility workshops there. In turn, we invited them to our events. Plus, we found new participants of the First World Congress for persons with disabilities” commented Evgueniy Vedernikov.


The Territoriya Smyslov Forum is a truly inclusive event that nurtures self-expression and experience-sharing in everyone. It is an example of real inclusion that 1000 participants will bring back to their home regions and their daily work.

The participants thank the organizers, volunteers, curators, speakers for an interesting educational and cultural program, comfortable accommodation and a space where everyone can share their ideas.