As part of the preparation of the First World Congress for persons with disabilities, the organizers offer an educational course titled the “Development of the communication skills for interacting with people with disabilities”.

Skill and capacity development among service workers. Raising awareness about the spectrum of capacities among people with disabilities.



Thus, on April 6 and 7, 2017 this course was taken by the staff of the Sverdlovsk railway (the department of passenger transportation, station workers and the administration department). In December 2016, it was offered to the Koltsovo Airport personnel.




The program includes both theory and practice:
Module 1 “Communication skills: theory and practice” covers the psychological specifics of people with disabilities and the key communication strategies of inclusive interaction. Additionally, we offer a training on using gadgets and smartphone applications that facilitate communication with foreigners with disabilities.
Module 2 «Professional linguistic and communication skills for interacting with people with disabilities” introduces students to the basics of polite communication and interaction with people with different disabilities. Here, students will be given a chance to walk with blindfolded eyes, use a wheelchair and learn practical skills from professionals with mental disabilities.



In this course, active people with disabilities themselves serve as instructors, which makes it unique among similar educational programs.

Oleg Kolpashchikov (WHITE CANE NGO, president, blind)
Alexey Sukhorukov (Accessible Yekaterinburg, project manager, uses a wheelchair)
Vera Simakova (Blagoe Delo NGO, director)
Professionals with mental disabilities (Blagoe Delo NGO)
Natalia Molchanova (candidate of psychological sciences, assistant professor)
Olga Zavitaeva (Regional cadre center of the state and municipal administration, director)
Svetlana Borodina (WHITE CANE NGO, project coordinator)