​From the First World Congress for persons with disabilities to Expo 2025

It has recently become known out that Yekaterinburg – the place that will host 700 participants of the First World Congress for persons with disabilities on September 7-10, 2017 – has officially joined the competition to host the EXPO-2025. Russia’s bid is themed as “Changing the World: Inclusive Innovations – for Our Kids and Future Generations”.


Already in this coming September, everyone of you, every participant of the Congress will become an explorer of inclusive innovations in the capital of the Urals. On behalf of the initiators and organizers of the Congress, we express our gratitude to all registered participants, partners and sponsors. Together, we have initiated a movement in a yet “cold” Russian reality (up to this point, there are many stereotypes about people with disabilities). Together, we show our fellow Russians and the world how to organize and practice inclusion. We face many specific problems on the way (infrastructure, finance, stereotypes, attitude to people with disabilities). Yet we are on this journey supported by the social organizations and passionate individuals with disabilities who do not allow themselves to be ignored; governmental bodies and their motivated personnel and managers, audacious to engage in this project. We invite businesses, media and ordinary citizens to join us. Even if Expo-2025 happens elsewhere, the First World Congress for persons with disabilities will definitely take place here in 3 months’ time. See you then, on September 7-10, 2017.