Evgeny Kuyvashev conveyed the warm words of the President of Russian Federation to the delegates of the World Congress for Persons with Disabilities

President Vladimir Putin commended the holding of the first World Congress for Persons with Disabilities in Yekaterinburg.

Evgeny Kuyvashev, the governor of the Sverdlovsk region, announced the warm words from the head of state to the participants of the congress.

“I consider your forum that’s dedicated to the most important issues of improving the quality of life of people with disabilities – a large, socially significant event. Serious contribution to the solution of a wide range of tasks related to providing conditions for professional, creative self-realization of people with health problems, the formation of their active life position. And, of course, the venue of the congress will allow you to exchange experience, discuss promising ideas, get acquainted with the best practices and inclusive technologies, “the President of the Russian Federation said in his greetings.

The chairman of the International organizing committee (Germany) Thomas Kraus noted that for 20 years of holding this international forum, the participants are greeted for the first time by the President of the host country.

The opening ceremony of the first World Congress for Persons with Disabilities was held in Yekaterinburg. The event, which motto is “To see the value of everyone”, brought together over 700 people and 27 countries.

Addressing the delegates, Yevgeny Kuyvashev wished them productive work, friendly communication, and good impressions of his stay in the Sverdlovsk region.

“For the Sverdlovsk region, the holding of the World Congress is the largest event that involves new mechanisms of social adaptation, new experience in creating an accessible environment, and, most importantly, improving the quality of life of people who have disabilities. Today in our region there are more than three hundred thousand people with disabilities. Protection of their interests and rights, provision of decent conditions for life, study, work, leisure of people with disabilities are key priorities of our social policy, “said Evgeny Kuyvashev.

The head of the region also noted the importance of the fact that a rich program of the congress provides for many open events, in which people from all social groups – with or without a disability – can participate. This is of great importance for strengthening the positions of an inclusive society, full immersion of Sverdlovsk citizens into the problems of people with health restrictions.

By the way, it is these terms that are the main goal of the organizers of the world event, among which there are many people with disabilities. They note: the role of the disabled person in society is changing today, people with disabilities want and can be useful to those who do not have health restrictions. Activities aimed at the interaction of people with disabilities and without, will help achieve this.

Let’s note that Ekaterinburg has successful experience of the organization of similar actions. In September 2012 in the capital of the Urals, the II Russian Congress for Persons with Disabilities was held. “There is no whole without small parts. Find your gem.” More than 350 people from various regions of the Russian Federation, as well as from the CIS countries and Europe took part in the event. Thanks to a confident, open atmosphere, the participants of the II Russian Congress were able to expand their circle of contacts, acquire a new social experience, and show their creative potential. Organization of the event was highly appreciated by the guests and participants of the congress.

The successful holding of this event, the expansion of the participation of people with disabilities in the life of society, the cooperative effective work of the public sector and state authorities in the region in the implementation of laws and programs of social orientation created prerequisites for holding the first World Congress for Persons with Disabilities in the Sverdlovsk Region. We recall that the initiative to hold a large-scale event in the capital of the Urals was put forward by Sverdlovsk public men and supported by the head of the region Evgeny Kuyvashev.

Within the framework of the congress, more than 40 master classes will be held in Yekaterinburg from 7th to 10th of September: arts, crafts, sports, dances, discussions, 15 inclusive excursions around the city, a unique project “Inclusive City” will be realized, a fair of arts and crafts, master classes and creative performances are planned.