Charity Marathon in support of the Congress

On May 26 in Yekaterinburg, we launched a Charity Marathon in support of the First World Congress for persons with disabilities. On this day, the folk-rock-band from the U.S. “Three for silver” performed at a charity concert in the “Med” club, together with the inclusive band “Wavesband” from Novouralsk (Russia) and the band “Fresh” from Yekaterinburg (Russia).


This concert was organized by Blagoe Delo NGO. Blagoe Delo is the organization that for the past 8 months has been registering and working with the participants from all over the world to help them come and join the Congress. Blagoe Delo has also been in charge of the work of the website and the social media of the Congress; they write and share posts and articles about the preparation of this big event, unprecedented in its scale and scheduled to take place in September 2017.