At the exhibition devoted to an accessible environment, four awards were given for the best technical means of rehabilitation

In Ekaterinburg, the VI interregional specialized exhibition “Social support and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. Technical means, technologies, services” was hosted. In accordance with the decision of the Government of the Sverdlovsk region, a competition for the award for the best technical rehabilitation equipment presented at the exhibition was held within the framework of the exhibition.



“This year has become a record number of applications: 11 companies submitted their designs for the competition. It was not easy to choose the winners. Congratulations to all who participated, “- said the Minister of Social Policy of the Sverdlovsk region Andrei Zlokazov.

Diploma of the winner in the nomination “Technical means of rehabilitation for persons with limitations of ability to move” was given to the Center for Technical Rehabilitation OTTO BOCK-Ekaterinburg. The company presented a hip prosthesis with an external power source PN6-OB-E.

LLC “Vertical” won in the nomination “Technical means of rehabilitation for people with hearing impairment”. Their tactile-touch terminal «TAKTILE-VERT-42 / V» was recognized as the best in this segment.

“We are participating for the first time in the exhibition, we liked it. Serious companies were represented here”, said Sergey Shatsky, the director of the official representation of the tiflocenter “Vertical “in the Urals region.

In the direction of “Technical means of rehabilitation for persons with visual impairment”, the award was given to the Ural manufacturing company KRUST. They presented the electronic video-magnifier “Sokol-1”.

The Scientific and Production Enterprise “Children’s Rehabilitation Medicine” has developed a support for sitting OS-005 “I Can!”. They became the best in the nomination “Technical means of rehabilitation for people who have other disabilities.”

“For us, the victory in the nomination was a complete surprise, but very pleasant,” said Ekaterina Karpova, representative of the company “Children’s Rehabilitation Medicine”.

During the exhibition, a master class on health gymnastics “Body smile” (“Smiling body”) was held. He caused the greatest excitement among the public.

“A child easily gets ill and, usually, is easily cured. An adult becomes tough and strong, and if they get ill, it’s very serious. If they fall – they fracture their bones, while the child falls and immediately gets up. Also a drunk man can fall from the 5th floor without any particular consequences. Why is this happening? Because both the child and the drunk at the moment of falling are relaxed, and the adult person is tense. So the gymnastics “Body smile” is aimed at relaxing the body”, said Sergei Boroznyak, head of the adaptive physical fitness department of the Regional Center for the Rehabilitation of Disabled People.

Another exciting event at the exhibition was a master class on table sports games of the world. They were presented by the Regional Center for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled. “Matreshka”, “Djakkolo”, “Kulbutto” – national games of Russia, Holland and France have long been loved by the public. They are easy to play, fun, loaded with positive emotions.

“Table sports games carry a powerful rehabilitation potential. Here the coordination of movements and motor skills of hands is practiced, captures are trained, and mental activity is trained. Games are very emotional. I congratulate all the teams for participation in these competitions and wish them further success! “- commented the director of the Regional Center for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Tatiana Onohova.

This exhibition will be remembered by its visitors. For the first time, its guests were representatives of 27 countries. They are delegates of the First World Congress for Persons with Disabilities.

It should be noted that the issue of the organizing of an accessible environment is one of the most important for the Sverdlovsk region, where more than three hundred thousand people with disabilities live, this is almost 10% of the total number of citizens of the region.