The alley of the first World Congress for Persons with disabilities was planted by its participants in the city park.

In the central park of culture and recreation in the name of Mayakovsky participants of the first World Congress for Persons with Disabilities have landed rowan alley.

Representatives of all countries participating in the congress planted 30 two-year-old seedlings of rowan. 28 fresh sprouts symbolize 28 countries, whose representatives took part in the Congress. Two more trees are planted in honor of the development of an international inclusive movement and in honor of the first World Congress for Persons with Disabilities.


In addition, more than two hundred congressmen drove through the park in the children’s railway. For the participants of the Congress, the Sverdlovsk Railway developed a special wagon equipped with elements of an accessible environment that allows children and adults using a wheelchair to visit the excursion. Work on the creation of the wagon lasted for four months. More than 10 wheelchair users at a time will be able to visit the excursion in this wagon.

“It’s nice that there is a children’s railway in Ekaterinburg. And it is even more pleasant that it is absolutely accessible for people who have disabilities, including those who use a wheelchair. I, as an expert on the organization of an accessible environment, a journalist of one of the regional TV channels, can confidently say that the tour and the park of Ekaterinburg are absolutely accessible”, said Yury Kuznetsov, a participant in the Congress from St. Petersburg.

In addition, the participants of the Congress inspected the youth training center for the training of railway workers, and also strolled through the park.
“We are already seeing the legacy of the first World Congress for Persons with Disabilities. The wagon, designed specifically for congressmen, will now serve the residents of our region and make the excursion open to citizens with disabilities. The rowan alley planted by the participants of the congress will grow and remind us of those unique people who have come to the capital of the middle Urals from all parts of the world”, said the Minister of Social Policy of the Sverdlovsk region Andrei Zlokazov.

Let us recall that 711 participants from 28 countries of the world arrived in Ekaterinburg to participate in the first World Congress, including the UK, China, Germany, the US, Austria, Argentina, Armenia, Belgium, Georgia, Denmark, Israel, India, Ireland, Nepal, the Netherlands, Norway, Serbia, Tajikistan, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Finland, France, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand and more than 20 constituent entities of the Russian Federation.