«Inclusive» city was created in Ekaterinburg by people from all over the world

About one and a half thousand people from all over the world together implemented a unique project called “Inclusive City” in Ekaterinburg . About 700 of them are participants of the World Congress for Persons with Disabilities, which is being held in Yekaterinburg these days. The rest are residents and guests of the Urals.



“Often, ordinary people do not know how to correctly, and if it is possible to interact with people who have disabilities. Therefore, we organized our “inclusive city” – a place of meeting and recreation”, noted the organizers of the congress.

“Inclusive City” is a unique event that united people with disabilities and without. The importance of such projects is aimed at interaction of citizens with each other, said the head of the region Evgeny Kuyvashev, stressing that “it is very important to strengthen the positions of an inclusive society, to immerse society in the problems of people with disabilities”.

Congress delegates from more than 20 countries on the territory of the Palace of Sports and Games (due to weather conditions the project was implemented on this site, rather than in the open air) presented the national culture of their people, presented their kinds of crafts and held thematic master classes aimed at development of skills of competent inclusive interaction. On interactive stages, inclusive games were held, a fair, an exhibition of Russian national arts and crafts, an obstacle course were opened.

“This is not the only inclusive project, but, of course, the most ambitious and large-scale. People with and without disabilities participate in interactive activities, help each other, have a good time. It is also important that some games and quizzes are organized and conducted by people with disabilities. This shows that the project’s goal is to show that people with disabilities can be in demand – it’s quite achievable, “said Andrei Zlokazov, Minister of Social Policy of the Sverdlovsk Region.

Alexandra Lazareva from Sevastopol, a visually impaired person, organized a quiz: with closed eyes, you must guess what is in the bag (rice, buckwheat, sugar, mango, peas) or determine by smell what in special containers (coffee, vanilla, orange, pepper).
“Everyone says:” I know, I know, I’d like to see and tell you exactly! “. And with closed eyes they can not guess. So we give people the opportunity to test their abilities, show whether it is possible to feel what’s there, without a vision, “- said Alexandra.

By the way, the day before this girl had held a culinary master class: participants of the congress from different countries learned to cook Russian kurnik with closed eyes . And tomorrow, at the closin of the congress, she will present the third Russian congress for Persons with the Disabilities, which will take place in her native city Sevastopol.

Another interactive platform is a labyrinth that needs to be driven through in a wheelchair. By the way, people without disability try to overcome it . All of them are surprised at how this is really not easy, and those who are in a wheelchair for health reasons give them advice. Having reached the finish line, they shake hands: they passed the labyrinth together.

Within the “Inclusive City” a concert was also organized at which all residents and visitors of the city were able to demonstrate their talents. Organizers called this site a “free microphone”: it is not necessary to state in advance the desire to speak, it is possible to freely enter the stage.

Tomorrow the first World Congress for Persons with Disabilities will be closed in Ekaterinburg and the final event will be held – an inclusive ball.