The Russia Day and the national holidays of the countries that participate in the Congress

Today we celebrate the Russia Day. Today Yekaterinburg is hosting the Parade of Friendship among Peoples. Representatives of national associations are marching at this vibrant and festive Parade. The parade is organized by the Association of national and cultural organizations of the Sverdlovsk region. People of different ethnic and national backgrounds live in Yekaterinburg in peace and friendship, and today they are marching under the flags of their republics and countries, to show the unity and strength of friendship among peoples in Russia.


National holidays and days of independence are celebrated in each of your countries:

Austria: October 26 is the Austrian National Day
Argentina: July 9 is the Independence Day
Armenia: September 21 is the Independence Day
Belgium: July 21 is the Belgian National Day
Germany: October 3 is the German Unification Day
Denmark: April 16 is Queen Margrethe’s Birthday / June 5 is the Constitution Day
​Finland: December 6 is the Independence Day
France: July 14 is the Bastille Day​
India: August 15 is the Independence Day
Kyrgyzstan: August 31 is the Independence Day
Latvia: November 18 is the Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia / May 4 is the
​The Netherlands: April 27 is King’s Day
​New Zealand: Queen’s official birthday is on the First Saturday of June / Waitangi Day is on February 6
Norway: May 17 is the Norwegian Constitution Day
​Sweden: June 6 is the National Day of Sweden
Switzerland: ​August 1 is the Swiss National Day
Thailand: May 5 is the Coronation Day / December 10 is the Constitution Day
The United Kingdom: Queen’s Official Birthday (Third Saturday of July) / the actual birthday of Queen Elizabeth is on April 21
​The United States: July 4 is the Independence Day
Ukraine: August 24 is the Independence Day
Uzbekistan: September 1 is the Independence Day​


Participants of the Congress represent different countries. But together we all represent our common home — the planet Earth. We share common values and attempt to make the life of people with disabilities better and more dignified. In each country.