Master class “Dramatic Theater” was held in the framework of the First World Congress for Persons with Disabilities. In total, 20 people took part in the event, including people with disabilities.

The master class was held by Randi Jacobsen – social therapist, theater teacher, and Oliver Brink – assistant, actor of inclusive theater from Denmark.


In their classes, teachers use theatrical practices as tools for social therapy. Games are one of the ways to comprehend the world, as well as human adaptation to the environment. Game practice contributes to the development of participants in the master class of imagination, attention, memory. In addition, through the theatrical games in the classroom, the need for self-expression is realized, there is liberation and the disclosure of the personality, and by the end of the session the person becomes bolder and more resolute, hears himself and others, experiences the joy of communication and mutual understanding.

These changes were well noticed by the spectators who came to the master class. At the beginning of the lesson, unfamiliar people with disabilities, experiencing language difficulties, were shy and cautiously went to contact. Gradually, performing together soft sketches, voice improvisations, plot – role games, in movement, in dance, in interaction, all became soft, beautiful, free. A special language of communication arose in the team, participants began to understand others without words, to experience the joy of communicating with each other.

The time of the session slide by, and at the end of the event, nobody wanted to leave. All with pleasure communicated, hugged and photographed in memory of the event.