Making values visible

Dear participants!

The slogan of the First World Congress for persons with disabilities is “Making values visible”. More than 700 participants from 28 countries have joined the congress. It is important to tell the world about us!


To do so, we are asking you to prepare a video greeting about your delegation as soon as possible. You are free to choose any format. It can be a short text with images or a 2-5 min long video-clip (it can be shot on a regular camera), in which you can speak about:
1. Your organization and the members of the delegation (your activities, achievements, interesting stories and facts, etc.)
2, Preparation to the Congress in your country (region). Which events and activities in support of the Congress have you organized or are planning to organized? Who takes part in them? What would you like to show and say about the Congress?
3. Why you decided to join the Congress? What would you like to see? Where would you like to participate? What results would you like to have?

Please send all materials about the preparation to the Congress in your region (country) (links to media, social media, images, video) to, under the subject line “Preparation to the Congress, NAME OF YOUR COUNTRY/REGION”
ATTENTION! It is mandatory to mention the country, city and organization that you represent, as well as the contact person.

The contact person is Elvira Kivel, PR-coordinator of the First World Congress for persons with disabilities, cell. +7 (950) 558-39-30