Participants of the Congress will dance polonaise at the Inclusive Ball

The Talitsa home for elderly people and persons with disabilities is preparing to the Congress. The head of the VIVAT dance studio, the member of the organization committee of the Congress and the member of the organization committee of the INCLUSIVE DANCE international festival Elena Gnusareva led a dance workshop with the inhabitants of the Talitsa home. At the Ball, Elena serves as the artistic director.




During the 2 days of training, the inhabitants of the Talitsa home rehearsed the following dance moves: counterdance, polka-troika, polka-the street, elements of waltz and polonaise. Polonaise will be the opening dance of the Ball. Volunteers of the Congress from Blagoe Delo NGO, the All-Russia society of people with disabilities and the Association of parents of children with disabilities from Novourals helped during the workshop. Soon we will post video-tutorials on these dances for participants of the Congress to start preparation to the Inclusive Ball in advance.