15 guided tours are waiting for the guests of the Congress

These days, the organizers are developing guided tours, specially adapted to the needs of persons with disabilities. The routes under development are the following: the historical Yekaterinburg, the religious city, the cultural city, the industrial city, the transportation city, the president city, the geological city, the mineralogical city, the fairy-tale city and even the space city. Additionally, the guests will be offered the Red Line route, i.e. the route that goes around the historical city center, the 1905 Square, the Quai of Working Youth, the Sevastianov house, the Church-on-the-Blood and other sights. Each place has been going through accessibility checks. For example, at the Museum of Nature of the Urals, a special call button will be set up, to help people on a wheelchair access the building.



35 professional guides will lead the tours in 3 languages: Russian, English and German. In some museums, visitors will be able to use audio-guides which will make the tour more accessible for people with hearing impairments. Partially sighted people will be able to touch exhibition items. Many museums are offering interactive programming. At the museum of cinema of the Sverdlovsk film studio, visitors will be able to add and manage sound for films.




Soon, on the website of the Congress, we will add a map of guided tours available for delegates to choose from.