Visit to the Museum of the History of Stone-Cutting and Jewelry Art

More than forty guests from different countries happened to see unique exhibits from marble, jasper, malachite, presented in the Museum of the History of Stone-Cutting and Jewelry Art . This is the only museum in Russia, which represents a complete review of the artistic development of the unique natural resources of the Ural region.



Guests could enjoy the beauty of malachite – the marvelous stone symbol of the Urals. Crafts from malachite especially impressed the young people from the Moscow school of St. George – they were not only interested in the sculpture of the Mistress of Copper Mountain, but also the technology of making various products from this ornamental stone.

Tatyana Lemesh, teacher of St. George’s School in Moscow: “We have children who have mental specialties besides developmental specialties. It is very important for them to take part in the Congress and visit similar museums – this is communication, and new knowledge, and the opportunity to express themselves, to feel equal to other people.”

The participants of the congress learned the history of stone-cutting and jewelry art of the Urals and Russia, got acquainted with the work of local jewelers.

The greatest interest in the guests was caused by the “Bazhovskaya room”. Specially for this exhibition the masters from Palekh made 11 art panels according to P.P. Bazhov’s tales.

None of the visitors of the Urals museum itself left the excursion disappointed and will certainly tell about a wonderful trip to the pantry of the unique natural resources of the Urals in their homeland.