Volunteers of the Congress are working on their communications skills

Volunteers of the Congress have completed an educational course “Communication skills for interactions with people with disabilities” that took place at Blagoe Delo NGO.



On June 29 and 30, volunteers attended classes led by Sergey Uimin (WHITE CANE NGO) on the interaction with blind and partially sighted people ​and classes on the communication with people with mental disabilities. The students tried on the role of a guided person as well as a guide. These were 20 volunteers from Blagoe Delo NGO, All-Russia Society of people with disabilities and the Association of parents of children with disabilities from Novouralsk.




On July 14, the author of the Accessible Yekaterinburg project Alexei Sukhorukov instructed the volunteers how to interact with people on a wheelchair. The volunteers received some theoretical training and had a chance to sit in a wheelchair, go over various barriers such as potholes and thresholds, go up and down the ramp, carry people over a staircase and so on. In the end of the course, all participants received certificates.