As part of preparation to the First World Congress for the persons with disability there were carried out the workshops and an inclusive performance

2udHWAs part of preparation to the First World Congress for the persons with disability there was carried out a benefit musical The Little Prince and a presentation of the Youth Inclusive Games.
Among the guests of the event there were children of the regional schools, representatives of the regional administration, NGOs and other empathic persons who want to be involved in the development of the inclusive movement in the middle of the Urals. The guests of the event

could enjoy the amazing musical performed by the persons with disability along with the professional actors.

7PWbOThe special theater studios Sincere Art (NPSPO Blagoe Delo, Verkh-Neivinsky settlement) and Scarabey (Integrated Social Service Center, Kamensk-Uralski) have united for the first time ever to put the audience up to the inner life of the handicapped persons. The special theater is a unique creative form of art which helps all participants engaged in the process understand each other.

SPlYfThe NGO White cane became an initiator of the inclusive games. «The inclusive game is a special sportive and creative event which unites all people today and teaches them to jointly achieve the goals in a friendly and co-operative manner. With the open doors we gathered the persons with disability at the same platform to show the participants that there are not any barriers between them and that there is always something useful to learn from each other. During the inclusive games everybody can try themselves to manage life in a different environment and to discover more about the handicapped people living around the corner», — noted Oleg Kolpaschikov, the Head of Organization.

956MyDuring the event each participant could try out the workshop on boxing, pitching, miniature golf, origami or making candles in a hit-and-miss manner. Rimma Sabitova, a visually challenged cookery expert, the winner of the Russian National Contest A delicate touch of the Orient, held the workshop on bead embroidery.
«Joint co-operation of the state bodies of the Sverdlovsk region and NGOs proved to be highly efficient. Having united, the theaters gave the audience an amazingly touching and appealing performance. Such kind of co-operation is a right example of an inclusive event which engages the participants in preparation of the First World Congress for the persons with disability», — said Alexey Nikiforov, the Counselor of the Minister of the Social Policy of Sverdlovsk region.

TIpZLWe remind that the First World Congress for the persons with disability will take place in Yekaterinburg from 7 to 10 September, 2017. The theme of the First World Congress for the persons with disability was chosen as Making Values Visible. irGSFThe initiative has been launched by the NGO for the persons with disability of the Sverdlovsk region and endorsed by Eugene Kuyvashev, the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region. The decision on running the World Congress in the capital Oxap7of the Sverdlovsk region was taken during the 6-th of European Congress for the persons with disability hosted in Brussels in May, 2015.