Current issues on the way to the Congress

On Friday January 20 Blagoe Delo NGO hosted important guests. Social therapist from Germany Thomas Kraus, the project manager of the Nordic Association for Curative Education and Social Therapy Petter Holm, the deputy minister of social policy of the Sverdlovsk region Alexei Nikiforov, the president of White Cane NGO Oleg Kolpashchikov and the director of the center of social rehabilitation “Turmalin” (Moscow) Anastasiya Beltukova arrived to Verkh-Neivnsky in order to discuss the organization and the preparation of the First World Congress for persons with disabilities. Together they worked on developing solutions to some key current organizational issues.


At the beginning of the meeting, all participants highlighted the remarkable creative potential of the Congress event. Everyone agreed that the work was going well and at a right pace. At the same time there are unresolved issues which demand creative engagement. One of such issues is the selection and the organization of workshops that will be held during the Congress. Another pertinent question is simultaneous interpretation, which is one of the most pressing issues, given the scale of the event. Further, it was noted that substantial work needs to be done on the informational support of the Congress. The committee also discussed the ways to keep the proportion balance among different national delegations and the possibility to engage potentially interested Russian and international companies and persons to partake in the organization of the Congress.

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to designing the program of the Congress, with special attention paid to the leisure activities prepared and organized for the participants. A big part of the issues discussed received satisfactory resolution; the rest remained open, yet substantially clarified.

In general, the atmosphere of the meeting was pleasant and friendly. Thanks to the participants’ brainstorming, this meeting significantly advanced the preparation to the Congress.