1. When will the 1st World Congress take place?

2. Where will the Congress be held?

3. Who can participate?

4. Is the number of participants limited?

5. How do I become a participant of the Congress?

6. When should I register?

7. Is there a registration fee, and what is the amount?

8. How can I pay the registration fee

9. If I am a resident of Ekaterinburg and don’t need hotel accommodation during the Congress, do I have to pay the full fee (because accommodation is included in the fee)?

10. Where will the delegates stay?

11. How will meals be arranged?

12. What is included in the programme?

13. What will be the languages of the Congress?

14. Will interpretation into sign language be provided?

15. Will I be able to perform at an evening event?

16. Do I need a visa to travel to Russia?

17. Will anyone meet the delegates at the airport or at the railway station?

18. Whom can I contact if I have questions?