Goodwill Ambassadors

In early November, 2016, the international organizing committee, which is responsible for preparation and holding of the First World Congress for Persons with Disabilities, adopted the regulations of the Goodwill Ambassadors of the Congress. The document had been designed by a nonprofit organization “Belaya Trost”. According to it, public activists, who are interested in implementing and promoting the ideas and values declared in the UN Convention on the rights of people with disabilities, can become the Ambassadors of the Congress if they would be nominated by one of the representatives of the International Committee. An applicant should actively participate in promoting inclusive projects, drawing new potential participants into the Congress, and also spreading the information about the Congress and its goals to the general public.


Both individuals and organizations can become the Ambassadors of the Congress, and currently there are already 56 official Ambassadors from 5 different countries. It points out the international importance of the movement for the rights of persons with disabilities, and there is no doubt that very soon the list will expand as well as its geographic variety. A nonprofit organization “Blagoe Delo” cordially congratulates all the Ambassadors with the significant mission, and looks forward to an enduring and productive cooperation with those, who will follow their example. You can see below the full list of persons and organizations approved as the Ambassadors of goodwill:

The list of the Ambassadors of goodwill

Переводчик: Летиция Кеваркова