On 7-10 September, 2017, Yekaterinburg, one of the major Russian cities on the borderline between Europe and Asia, with the population of 1.5 million people, will host the First World Congress for Persons with Disabilities.


The First World Congress for Persons with Disabilities:
– is a civil society initiative implemented with active support from and participation of people with disabilities, the Government of the host country, and businesses;
– is a socio-cultural event that aims to broaden cultural and interpersonal communication, enhancing the life quality of people with disabilities and the entire society;
– focuses on people with disabilities, their needs, and their role in the community at any level.


– To make the principles and values of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities visible and effective
– To promote the role of persons with disabilities in creating an inclusive society

– To raise awareness of disability as a source for development of qualities in human encounters and social life
– To highlight inherent dignity of persons with disabilities in different media, including artistic activity and creative practice