Inclusive ball



The First Inclusive Ball will serve as the bright closing event of the First World Congress for persons with
disabilities. The Ball will take place at Hyatt Regency in Yekaterinburg on September 10 at 6pm.

Educational video-clips are posted on the Congress’s website for participants to learn the main moves
of the required dances. At the Congress, we will organize 2 workshops to prepare everybody for the ball.
Volunteers will assist participants at the ball, including the participants on wheelchair.

Here, the ball is not merely the presence of nicely dressed people in a beautiful ambiance. Here, it is
an opportunity. An opportunity to celebrate, to communicate, to feel happy. Dances and music are simply
a means that will make it come true.

We make an effort to give an opportunity to every participant to take part in this ball. Even if you have
never dances, it will not hinder your enjoying this event.


Dress code – Requirements (Recommendations)

Code of Conduct

Dance tutorials