“Inclusive Person” magazine

In the autumn 2015 the first issue of the new free illustrated magazine “Inclusive Person” was published in Russia. It was a significant achievement for the large community of those, who are involved in promoting of the ideas of inclusion, rehabilitation and socialization of people with disabilities in our country. The efforts of activists of the nonprofit organization “Belaya Trost” and financial support from the German Rosa Luxemburg Foundation made a reality of this project in Yekaterinburg city. What the journal is about and what is its audience?



Of course, above all, the “Inclusive Person” tells stories of people with disabilities and refers to them. Despite the fact that social progress in the relationship of people with limited health capabilities is moving forward, there are still many problems in the rest of the society and that is the aim of the new magazine, to give an opportunity to learn about the taken or planned steps for the successful solution of these problems. Besides, the magazine is addressed to all who are sympathetic and wishing to contribute to the advancement of the progressive social projects. A series of articles gives the examples of what and how it is done in different countries of the world, tells about particular activists and community organizations that help people with disabilities to better integrate into society. Finally, the “Inclusive Person” is the official bulletin of the First World Congress for Persons with Disabilities, which will be held in Yekaterinburg in September 2017.


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