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The magazine “People Inclusive” is dedicated to the integration of people with disabilities. The magazine will become as
Bulletin of the I World Congress of people with disabilities, which will be held in Yekaterinburg in 2017. Editions of
the magazine are covering world and Russian events in the field of interaction of people with disabilities, society and
the state, include interviews with remarkable people and open for the reader the details of working nonprofit organizations.



Volodya Vaskevich from Ekaterinburg is 21 years old. This summer, he got to the Crimea hitchhiking, last summer in the same way traveled around Europe. He is studying on the specialty "Business Process Analysis" in the Ural Federal University and runs the project "Business City". At school had played goalball for 10 years and was a member of the national team, and now sometimes goes under sail. And he lost his sight completely when he was not even 2 years old.
- Vladimir, is it true that you have reached the Crimea hitchhiking?
- Yes, the session is ended, and we immediately went off to the Crimea. We wanted to see how blind hitchhiking is available in Russia, but at the same time to hold master classes about multimobility. There we tell persons with disabilities about the gadgets, stories of the success and projects. From Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk I went with a friend Evgeny Vedernikov, he is completely blind. Then Evgeny went back - to marry, and I met with a school friend. The route in Sevastopol was built through Ufa, Samara, Saratov, Volgograd, Krasnodar, Rostov, Krasnodar, Kerch and Feodosia. It took 5 days.

- Tell me how you thought up this crazy plan?
- Not crazy, but very well thought out. The idea came 3 years ago. My friend Samur Sarkarov and I wanted to Europe. I entered the university, together with a classmate began to develop the route, later we found the third participant. And here is the team: he is sighted, I do not see totally, and my classmate has the third group of sight disability. We got to Prague by plane, and then went to Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris.

- And how can disabled become active?
- Start moving. Get rid of the barriers and fears, and radically. Afraid to walk with a white cane? It is necessary to go with a white cane. Are you afraid to speak in public? - it is necessary to speak in public. And it is very important to have a dream. It's good when dreams turn into goals and objectives turn into the present, into the things that can be touched.

From an interview with Vladimir Vaskevich, the magazine “Man Inclusive” №1, October 2015, the author - Daria Voronina

Dmitry Osipovfrom Syktyvkar lost all of the fingers on both hands on the factory in February. Syktyvkartsu Dmitry Osipov on the production cut fingers on both hands in February. Since autumn three times a week he has been going to the gym, he does exercises, develops arms and legs, runs on the tracks. Coaches are proud of the new athlete and belive in his sports future. The starting point of the sporting life was «VK». He accidentally found the profile of Roman Kyzyurov. In childhood their cottages were close, guys were friends. Truth be told, it was very difficult to know Roman by his photo, he was a real pro-bodybuilder. Dmitry wrote to him and asked how things were going and learned that Roman was a fitness trainer in the gym youth school №6 of Ezhvinskiy region of Syktyvkar. In general, a few days later Dmitry was in the gym. The coach invited him to coordinate the training program.

-“ I always work hard with Dima, pity only relaxes. He is obsessed with sport. Limitations associated with the disability are not obstacles for the sport” said Roman Kisiurov.

The fitness-room Dmitry attends for free. He got a special timeless subscription through a social activists. Training begins as usual with a warm-up. On his arm he wears special cuffs with snap hooks on the end. With its help, he clings the tools, works with dumpbells, works out the biceps on the block, uses a Smitt’s simulator. Nearby is standing Roman, correcting his posture. Dmitry troubled by camera clicks, but heroically pulled almost ten times.

- With sports in my life came a new sense, appeared many thoughts, how to live, how to improve my life. I don’t want to sit all my life on the neck of the family, and I must gain money, - he said.

He plans to read a lot of books on psychology and neurophysiology. Generally, questions of neuromuscular communication between the brain and muscles have become especially important for him. He believes that if we can understand the mechanism of the brain, we achieve great success in life and in sport. And he wants to learn how to make figures in the art of origami. Hooked on positive thinking technique, he believes that if severely dream, all will come true. In the long term - to go to work. For example as a manager. In general, he believes that everything is going to be alright.

From an interview with Dmitry Osipov, the magazine “Man Inclusive” №2, December 2015, the author – Anastasia Mashkaleva