This summer the First World Congress for the persons with disability in the Urals will have its official logo!

solOn 25, May Vladimir Vlasov, the First Deputy Head of Government of the Sverdlovsk Region chaired the third meeting of the Organizing Committee on preparation and running of the Congress 2017.
As the First Deputy Head of Government noted “the preparation of the Congress goes as scheduled”.
“The Project Office of the Congress works in line with the daily programme.

An official website has been launched. The website shows the history of the European congresses and updates the information about the preparation of the Congress in the Urals. To select a logo the website is open for voting”, – said Vladimir Vlasov.




simThe voting for the forum logo has generally been over, said Vera Simakova, the Director of NPSPO Blagoe Delo. International community comprising of 27 states’ representatives supported the logo which represents both the Slavonic and Nordic runes. The logo signifies peace and protection. All forthcoming congresses will have the same logo. The voting for the graphic symbol of the First Congress in the middle Urals is still going on. “Over 5 thousand residents of the Sverdlovsk region have been voted for the logo of the First Congress to be held in the capital of the middle Urals. Yet there is no way of telling who wins for the voting leaders run a close second by votes”, – noted Vera Simakova.





The Organizing Committee has agreed to approve a board of Working Groups responsible for training of the volunteers and preparation of the excursions, cultural and athletic events of the Congress. The representatives of the Institutions of Higher Education, Healthcare Providers and NGOs, cultural establishment and others are included in the Working Groups.


disSelection of a platform of the Congress 2017 happened to become a matter of considerable debate. The platform should be spacious, comfortable and easy to access. It should be equipped with all necessary elements to carry out business, entertainment, leisure and other events. As of today for more than dozen of the suggested proposals have been reviewed by the members of the Project Office; however, neither of them can meet in full the specified requirements.
The Organizing Committee encharged the Project Office with the task to estimate and submit in details all possibilities of running the events in the municipal objects.
We remind that the First World Congress for the persons with disability will take place in Yekaterinburg, the capital of the middle Urals, from 7 to 10 September, 2017. The initiative has been launched by the NGO for the persons with disability of the Sverdlovsk region and endorsed by Eugene Kuyvashev, the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region.